Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Keep Calm; and Drink, Fight, Fuck!

Helloooo! This outfit is going to be a little curve ball for all of you ladies. Something a little more casual, but still absolutely sexy! I also wanted to show you this hot skin from Mystic Canvass (of course!) You can get it at the XY Room starting April 1st. This discount event runs all month long, and everything there should be under 100L!
[MC]Mystic Canvass
This skin, called Sloan 2 comes with 5 different makeup options, both A and D-cup chest options, muscle and non-muscular contouring, and Lolas Tango appliers. Over all it's an insane bargain. Here I am wearing the muscle versions and showing you all of the makeup options for Sloan 2.
 Skin: [MC] Mystic Canvass @ XY Room,  Sloan 2 (Muscle, D-cup, Blood)
Arm Band: DirtyLand Queen of Hearts
Bracelets: DirtyLand Black Pearl
Armwarmers: Motivaction The Cross
Septum Piercing: Cobrahive Nose swirl (color change)
Eyebrow: Pekka Juicious Unisex Piercing (modded Jack or Jill 2013 Hunt Prize)
Dimples: {Sugar Heart} Mesh Dimple piercings (black steel)
Hair: Chemistry Lyric (Bloom)
Necklace: KOSH Inverted (cross) Male
Tattoo: Endless Pain Tattoos Drink, Fight, Fuck!
Skin: [MC] Mystic Canvass @ XY ROOM Sloan 2 (Muscle, D-cup, Cyan)
Eyes: Dead Apples Sinistre (bloodlust)
Shirt: Suicidal Unborn! Lucky Girl tanktop (black)
Lashes: Pelle Fairy Lash
Boots: DRD: Death Row Designs Worn Combats (red laces)
Knees: Little Pricks Banged Up Knees
Tights: *Sheer* Leggings 14 (torn stripe)
 Skin: [MC] Mystic Canvass @ XY ROOM Sloan 2 (Muscle, D-cup, Hot Pink)
 Shorts: FK! Designs Shorts (black)
 Skin: [MC] Mystic Canvass @ XY ROOM Sloan 2 (Muscle, D-cup, Cyan)
 Skin: [MC] Mystic Canvass @ XY ROOM Sloan 2 (Muscle, D-cup, Ice)

 Skin: [MC] Mystic Canvass @ XY ROOM Sloan 2 (Muscle, D-cup, Lazer)

The hair color changes are all tones out of the Bloom color pack from Chemistry's Lyric hair. I thought changing the hair color to compliment the skin would be nice. I hope you all enjoyed this look as much as I had fun throwing it together. Do NOT miss out on this skin at XYROOM! PEW PEW!!!

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