Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mystic Canvass PREVIEW for Whore Couture Fair 2!

Hello, my naughty little batty bats! This is a juicy preview of the delectable offerings MYSTIC CANVASS has lovingly created for the epic highly anticipated Whore Couture Fair 2 which opens tonight at 9pm SLT! March 1-31st, this month long event embraces the slutty, the coquettish, the brazen, the "whorish." Here at Monster Aesthetic, we're happily embracing our skanky little fembot in these absolutely gorgeously painted skins that Lara has produced! All 4 of these sexy skins have the tangos appliers, and the Kanya and Kanya 2 have optional cum layers you can apply to the skin for a little extra...sticky detail. Each shape also comes with a beautiful shape Lara is so infamous for crafting, be sure you stop out at her location at the Fair, and don't miss these exclusive sexy little bits
Here's the SLURL for Mystic Canvass' booth so you can slip and slide down right away to pick up these skins!
Also a link to Mystic Canvass' in world store:

 The above are all my personal photographs shot with my shape. Below are Lara's personal pictures and the official vendors for the products so you can see it on different shapes as well as the ones she created specifically for the skins!

XXX Happy Whoring from, Monster Aesthetic!!! Mwah. ^v^

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Black Mary doesn't hold a candle. . .

To this amazingness coming out of Death Row Designs! DRD Owner, Jaimy Hancroft has outdone herself with these fabulous new ORIGINAL mesh creations coming out of DRD lately! This dress is a show stopper! It comes in 4 fabulous flavors Grunge, Lights, Nights, and Carni (which is the striped set I am displaying here today!) You can get it in world (which I highly recommend her new Death Row Island! There are many other fabulous stores there in similar theme to check out and also some awesome scenery!)
DRD Marketplace:
Of course everything else will be otherwise notated, but my main focus is this dress and it's high quality texture, attention to detail, and absolutely breathtaking mesh. Also, I thought I should mention Jaimy also is making some amazing EXCLUSIVE mesh templates for designers: which I have already purchased one textured by FK! Designs (which I will feature in another entry :D) But they're amazing too!!! ok ok ok, on with the show:

♥Skins[MC] Evian 3 Skin (Natural),
[MC] Selentril (Violet)
[MC]Evian 3 (Green)PRE-RELEASE Thank you, LARA!

As you can see this dress comes with a color change hud! This one in particular you can swap from black and whites, reds, greens, and purples. The under layer, "apron" layer, and button/bows are all separate within the hud so you can mix and match to get that perfect look! I just used monotone in my blog to keep it simple but it looks oh so cute to pair another color under another one. These tones mesh so perfectly with one another! You literally get endless possibilities with one dress.

♥Eyes: Ibanez Hypnotic Eyes (Tombstone)

♥Lashes: [Moyet] No 7

♥Knees: SU! Wounded Knees

♥Bracelets: Mandala OKAKI (black)

♥Finger tape: SiniStyle Taped fist

♥Nails: Scrub Bit Nails

♥Necklace: *League* Sideshow Necklace

♥Nose piercing: [DH] Cross Chain Piercing

♥Hair: Wasabi Pills Momo (Night Shadow)

♥Arm band: Dirty Land Queen of Hearts

♥Tattoo: [.I.D.] The Grave Digger Tattoo (Medium)

♥Stockings: Erratic ripped stockings (black)

♥Shoes: [GW] Hoof Boots

Thank you for checking out my blog! Your comments, questions, and input are always welcomed! Don't be shy to contact me IW :D At Vita Von Monster (Atrophy Resident) ^v^

Saturday, February 23, 2013

[sYs] It's My Style! Contest & Other Awesome NEWS! (MYSTIC CANVASS!!!)

So this month [sYs] announced a -very- exciting, extremely awesome photo contest that will be ongoing until they say "WHEN!" Here are all of the details in case you'd like to get in on the action! 
◄███▓▒ [sYs] :: It's MY Style Contest ▒▓███►
It's CONTEST time!! We love the amazing styles our customers share and we want to encourage everyone to showcase their looks! We're launching a new contest called, "It's MY Style" and it's simple! Show off your FAV [sYs] style, hop over to our new Photo Studio, rezz your OWN pose-stand/props...anything, then SNAP and enter the photo!
Bring along your friends! Rezz your favorite props! Make a mini party on the platform! Use your imagination and SHOW YOUR STYLE!
Now I'm sure you're dying to know what the prizes are...
★ 1st Prize Single Shot
➊ 5,000L Gift Card to [sYs] Design
➋ Model Contract with [sYs] Design to be featured in an upcoming advertisement in top SL Magazines
➌ In-store Photo Display at [sYs] Design Mainstore
➍ Invitation to join our [sYs] Blogger Group which gives you early access to all of our NEW releases (3 MONTHS)
➎ Showcase on our Facebook page and our Website as the contest winner
★ 1st Prize Group Shot
➊ 2,500L Gift Card to [sYs] Design [For EACH Participant]
➋ In-store Photo Display at [sYs] Design Mainstore
➌ Invitation to join our [sYs] Blogger Group which gives you early access to all of our NEW releases (3 MONTHS)
➍ Showcase on our Facebook page and our Website as the contest winner
If we LOVE your photo but you didn't make it to the winner's circle you may receive one of our HONORABLE MENTIONS. These photos will be included on our It's My Style in-store display wall and you'll win a 1000L gift card!
● Focus of the photo entries must be [sYs] Design - At least THREE items must be [sYs]
● Photos must be taken at the - It's MY Style Contest Platform - (TAXI: )
● Photos must be uploaded to FLICKR, tagged "MYstyle[sYs]" and added to the [sYs] Design Flickr Group
● Along with the tag, you must also clearly list your [sYs] items in the photo's description
● Each person that is modeling in the photo is eligible for entry - Names must be clearly listed in Flickr Description
● Only those who are IN the photo are eligible for entry (This is a STYLE contest)
● No additional text may be added to the photo
● Photoshop is acceptable but remember to clearly show your STYLE!
● You may enter as often as you like, however different items must be showcased in every one
● By submitting your photo, you agree that it may be used by [sYs] for in-store display or as promotional material
● Entries accepted from MONTHLY from the 10th to 31st of EVERY MONTH!
● Winners are announced between the 1st and 9th of EVERY MONTH!
Please send any concerns via notecard to Arialee Miles [sYs] Contest Manager or Vixie Rayna [sYs] Store Manager.
Show Your Style !! ㋡
Love ♥♥♥
Team [sYs]
Systi Cisse & Syane Cisse, Owners & Creators
Systi Cisse , Customers Service
Vixie Rayna, Manager
Chloe Seljan, Theater
Arialee Miles, Contest Manager
▌F L I C K R
Amazing fun and prizes right?! And who DOESN'T love [sYs]? They're so versatile and unique you can literally make anything you buy there into almost any style! Epic. Anywho, I've been up to their photo studio 3 or 4 times this month. (Guilty!!!!) And this was my most recent [sYs] concoction! Obviously, all of the information for obtaining the [sYs] apparel is up there Marketplace'd and SLURL'd for your convenience, but I will notate what the item is precisely! You really should go to their store in world if you can, it's so gorgeous and they have amazing music, over all it's a beautiful atmosphere to relax and shop in!!!! and awayyyyy we goooo: 

 ▣▷Skin: Mystic Canvass Evian 3 in Cyborg 160/180/1003
▣▷Hair: Exile Crazy in Love (Moonlight)
▣▷Headphones: [sYs] DJTALL Soundglasses Opera (black/silver)
▣▷Septum: Cobrahive swirl

▣▷Eyes: Dead Apples Nebula Fantasy (Nature)
▣▷Dimples: {Sugar Heart} Mesh Dimple Piercings black Steel
▣▷Bustier: [sYs] NOVA Bustier (Neoprene Black)
▣▷Sleeves: [sYs] Muon Latex Outfit

▣▷Undergarment: [sYs] ALTAIS bodysuit (black)
▣▷Lashes: Miamai Catwalk Lashes (Glitter 01)

▣▷Boots: [sYs] Pulsar Boots
▣▷Tattoo: [sYs] Cyber Tattoo - Digital (Grey)

▣▷Pants: [sYs] Muon Latex Outfit
▣▷Kneepads: [sYs] Sentinelle kneepads

▣▷Nails:+ROZOREGALIA+ Gemma
▣▷Forearms: : Amorous : Albedo 0 Point 39
▣▷Brows: "tSg" Bad Bitch Eyebrows

And there you have it! I know there are a few repeats from my last entry, but for the contest my focus was [sYs] apparel and showing -my- style through that, and with that, we all know we have some staples in our inventory that almost ALWAYS go on our avi!! Thank you for reading and if you have any comments, questions, suggestions please don't hesitate to hit me up in world or through comments! I am (Atrophy Resident) in world or Vita Von Monster. Also you can follow me on FLICKRRRRR!!!
Stay tuned for my next entry, recently Lara Darkbyrd the owner and operated of the ultra amazing Mystic Canvass Skins, Cosmetics, Hair, Clothing, Accessories, ETC!! has accepted me as a blogger so be prepared for some exclusively exclusive glamorousness as only she can create!!! Anyone that has seen my avi knows I live in her skins so I am so stoked. Keep those laser blasters locked and loaded, fembots. PEW PEW! ^v^