Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Keep Calm; and Drink, Fight, Fuck!

Helloooo! This outfit is going to be a little curve ball for all of you ladies. Something a little more casual, but still absolutely sexy! I also wanted to show you this hot skin from Mystic Canvass (of course!) You can get it at the XY Room starting April 1st. This discount event runs all month long, and everything there should be under 100L!
[MC]Mystic Canvass
This skin, called Sloan 2 comes with 5 different makeup options, both A and D-cup chest options, muscle and non-muscular contouring, and Lolas Tango appliers. Over all it's an insane bargain. Here I am wearing the muscle versions and showing you all of the makeup options for Sloan 2.
 Skin: [MC] Mystic Canvass @ XY Room,  Sloan 2 (Muscle, D-cup, Blood)
Arm Band: DirtyLand Queen of Hearts
Bracelets: DirtyLand Black Pearl
Armwarmers: Motivaction The Cross
Septum Piercing: Cobrahive Nose swirl (color change)
Eyebrow: Pekka Juicious Unisex Piercing (modded Jack or Jill 2013 Hunt Prize)
Dimples: {Sugar Heart} Mesh Dimple piercings (black steel)
Hair: Chemistry Lyric (Bloom)
Necklace: KOSH Inverted (cross) Male
Tattoo: Endless Pain Tattoos Drink, Fight, Fuck!
Skin: [MC] Mystic Canvass @ XY ROOM Sloan 2 (Muscle, D-cup, Cyan)
Eyes: Dead Apples Sinistre (bloodlust)
Shirt: Suicidal Unborn! Lucky Girl tanktop (black)
Lashes: Pelle Fairy Lash
Boots: DRD: Death Row Designs Worn Combats (red laces)
Knees: Little Pricks Banged Up Knees
Tights: *Sheer* Leggings 14 (torn stripe)
 Skin: [MC] Mystic Canvass @ XY ROOM Sloan 2 (Muscle, D-cup, Hot Pink)
 Shorts: FK! Designs Shorts (black)
 Skin: [MC] Mystic Canvass @ XY ROOM Sloan 2 (Muscle, D-cup, Cyan)
 Skin: [MC] Mystic Canvass @ XY ROOM Sloan 2 (Muscle, D-cup, Ice)

 Skin: [MC] Mystic Canvass @ XY ROOM Sloan 2 (Muscle, D-cup, Lazer)

The hair color changes are all tones out of the Bloom color pack from Chemistry's Lyric hair. I thought changing the hair color to compliment the skin would be nice. I hope you all enjoyed this look as much as I had fun throwing it together. Do NOT miss out on this skin at XYROOM! PEW PEW!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Earth Girls Are Easy!

 The Easter edition of SL's PRE-RELEASE is almost over, but you don't want to miss the special introductory pricing on TWO of Mystic Canvass' most vibrant, and spring-like skins. They feature gorgeous acid-bright makeup, and fantastic whimsical skin tones in green and a periwinkle blue (reminiscent of dyeing eggs, at least for me. It's gorgeous!) that will get any fembot's knickers in a twist. You get a shape with each skin, Lolas Tango appliers, and as always several gorgeous makeup options as only the makeup-master Lara Darkbyrd can so tastefully paint. All of this for 125L each, which is an ultra steal! This blog is gonna be kind of heavy as I have TWO skins, and TWO great looks I put together around it.
Here's your ride to: EASTER PRE-RELEASE
& A landmark for [MC] Mystic Canvass
Here are Lara's personal ads for the skins so you can see them on her shape (It's always so important for me to see skins on different "bone structures." I hope this helps you too!

Amazing right? I found this great UFO crash at Dryland, and I was waiting for just the perfect opportunity to make a little shoot out of it. Hope you dig:
ღ SKIN: Mystic Canvass (@ PRE-RELEASE) Tracker 3 (D-Cup, Jello with Tango Applier)
ღ EYES: Dead Apples Sinistre Eyes (Lifeless Vamp)
ღ LASHES: Catwa 3D No Alpha Lashes (#8)

ღ HEADSET: *LPP* Moondiver Headset
ღ HAIR: Magika *NEW!* Forget (03)
ღ OUTFIT: *Epic Boobies* (Epic) Space Colony Dress (black hole)
ღ STOCKINGS: *Sheer* Leggings 26 (Torn, Opaque)
ღ RAYGUN: GALLACTIC Ray Gun (Black/Grey)
ღ NAILS: JN Design Perfect Hands (size 10)
ღ PIERCINGS: :Hebenon Vial: Liquid Silver
ღ BOOTS: Slink Tall leather thigh high boots (black)

All right, now here is the awesome Kambila Easter skin paired with an ultra sexy outfit by FK! Designs:

ღ SKIN: Mystic Canvass (@ PRE-RELEASE) Kambila Easter Blue (D-Cup, Hot Pink)
ღ EYEBROWS: Monroe Cosmetics (Little Bones) "Brute" Tintable brows (right)
ღ LASHES: Redgrave Showgirl

ღ OUTFIT: FK! Designs Bubble Gum Devil Outfit (body suit, corset, neck corset in a bundle all together!)
ღ HAIR: Ploom *NEW!* Stephie (Candy)
ღ SHOES: FK! Designs Grid Hopper (Black, Black toenails)

ღ HEADSET: *LPP* Panzerlied Headset
ღ EYES: Dark Midday Designs Raven/Crow eyes (with shine)
Phew, that's all I have for you fembots today! But make sure you check back in with me soon as I've got an exciting skin by Mystic Canvass you wont want to miss. Her name is Warnils, and she's kind of a big deal. Super sexayyyyy. Here's a little teaser photo:

Super sassy and looks great in a bikini. She must've been doing crunches for years!
Keep your lasers charged, fembots.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mystic Canvass does Pink Fusion!

From march 15-April 15 Depraved Nation is doing another awesomely awesome hunt for ladies with Pink on the brain! For only 5L you can get this exclusive skin and dress with a Lolas Tango Applier! The skin, as always from Mystic Canvass, comes in both A-cup or D-cup, depending on your up-top needs!
Here's the info for the hunt:
[MC] Mystic Canvass
First up, I'll show off the hunt gifts which are this sexy metallic pink cowl style dress, and this pink toned skin with both smoky and non-smoky makeups to choose from. A total steal for 5L and a little patience right?
♀ BROWS: Monroe Cosmetics (Little Bones) (Brute)
♀ EYES: Dead Apples Nebula two-tone (Ocean)
♀ TEARS: [MC] Mystic Canvass (Pink)

♀ LASHES: Miamai Catwalk Lashes (Glitter 01)
♀ HEADPHONES: [sYs] @ The Arcade Gacha Event (Pink)
♀ ARMS: Neurolab Inc. Cybernetic Arms & Hands (Eve)

♀ PIERCING: :Hebenon Vial: Skittlicious Preview Item (Pink/Metal)
♀ NECKLACE: =blue= slush knuckles necklace (black/pink)
♀ HAIR: Lamb Pearl (my little pony)

♀ STOCKINGS: Erratic Fishnet Wide (thigh)
♀ BOOTS: A&Y Bunker Deuz Boots Metallic
♀ TATTOO: Corvus Human

Pew pew,
Stay charged!!!!! <3

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Great And Powerful

So, I had to go back to Hazardous to get a few more snapshots. This time I brought my new cybernetic arms and hands from Neurolab Inc. & not much else!
ARMS: Neurolab Inc. Cybernetic arms & hands
SKIN: Mystic Canvass @ Whore Couture Fair 2 Kanya 2 (D-Cup Red Headed Slutball)
MAKEUP: Monroe Cosmetics (Little Bones) Whatever, Also eyeshadow
HAIR: Lamb Pearl (Left-Brained)
PIERCINGS: Suicidal Unborn Random Piercing
STOCKINGS: Erratic Ripped Stockings (Thigh-Black)
TATTOO: [sYs] Design Cyber Tattoo (grey)
BODYSUIT: [sYs] Design ALTAIS (black)
BOOTS: JB Gazov J's Studded Long Boots (Grey)

The Black Dahlia

Hello, darklings! Among all of the projects on the table,a friend took us to this awesome sim called Dry land, a project by Anita Witt, and somehow I ended up dressing Vita up my version of the infamous Black Dahlia! This look for me encapsulates a certain element of vintage pinup and horror which stays close to my little batty heart. To be sexy and absolutely terrifying is the ultimate sensory stimulation. Plus, I really wanted to show off this sexy dress by ^v^DRBC^v^, so check it out :D
MAKEUP: Beauty Killer Forced Smile (Flesh Game Gift 2011)
TATTOO: Imperio Designs The Grave Digger
DRESS: ^V^DRBC^V^ Black and Red Wiggle Dress
SKIN: Mystic Canvass Polly Skin D-Cup (FREE group gift, in store!!!)
EARS: Mandala Jewelry Stretched ears OMNI
HAIR FLOWER: Artilleri Hibi Hair Flower (White)
HAIR: Chemistry Vines (Raven)
BRACELETS: Mandala Jewelry OKAKI Bracelet (black)

 Dryland by Anita Witt

As always, thank you for checking out my blog! And don't you forget to hit up Mystic Canvass for her retirement sale! They're turning 3 and she's making room for some really exciting things! You can get amazing quality skins with the most beautiful makeups in all of Second Life! Don't miss it!!!!!!

Mystic Canvass 99L Skin Retirement Sale!

Here's a few shots of one of my favorite skins in this sale:
 Lori D-Cup (Moss)
 Lori D-Cup (Ice)
 Lori D-Cup (Destiny)

 Lori D-Cup (Smoke)
Lori D-Cup (Winter)
 And that's just ONE skin, you get all of those great make up selections and your choice of D-Cup or A-Cup depending how much you've got up top!!