Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mystic Canvass at Stuff In Stock: A Blast Of Colour

So Stuff In Stock, if you haven't heard of it; it's a new discount event in SL! When I went and peeked around, there were two rooms labeled DAY and NIGHT. Most everything from vendors in these rooms was 65L! Unbelievable right? Plus, most booths had a little black goody back lurking around with some sort of freebie inside. This with Mystic Canvass is running two weeks ONLY, then they rotate stock.
You get a shape, two Lolas Tango Appliers (A and D Cup options), and 4 make-up options that come in both A and D cup. Here are my pictures of this acid bright, gorgeous skin. Tracker 2 has got to be one of my favorite Mystic Canvass releases. It's perfect for spring, and the dramatic makeup makes for absolutely stunning pictures! Do NOT miss this skin! It's a steal for 65L.
✈ Stuff In Stock Landmark:
✈ Stuff In Stock Event Website:
✈ Stuff In Stock Flickr:
Now onto the good stuff:
 ⁂ Tracker 2: Bio-Warfare (D-Cup)
 ⁂ Tracker 2: Nightlife (D-Cup)
 ⁂ Tracker 2: Stardust (D-Cup)
⁂ Tracker 2: Electric (D-Cup)
⁂ (Lara Darkbyrd, Mystic Canvass creator's photograph for Tracker 2)
✈ Mystic Canvass:
Also, don't forget my upcoming monster blog devoted to her 99L Skin retirement sale!
Pew Pew, Fembots!

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