Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Great And Powerful

So, I had to go back to Hazardous to get a few more snapshots. This time I brought my new cybernetic arms and hands from Neurolab Inc. & not much else!
ARMS: Neurolab Inc. Cybernetic arms & hands
SKIN: Mystic Canvass @ Whore Couture Fair 2 Kanya 2 (D-Cup Red Headed Slutball)
MAKEUP: Monroe Cosmetics (Little Bones) Whatever, Also eyeshadow
HAIR: Lamb Pearl (Left-Brained)
PIERCINGS: Suicidal Unborn Random Piercing
STOCKINGS: Erratic Ripped Stockings (Thigh-Black)
TATTOO: [sYs] Design Cyber Tattoo (grey)
BODYSUIT: [sYs] Design ALTAIS (black)
BOOTS: JB Gazov J's Studded Long Boots (Grey)

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