Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Black Dahlia

Hello, darklings! Among all of the projects on the table,a friend took us to this awesome sim called Dry land, a project by Anita Witt, and somehow I ended up dressing Vita up my version of the infamous Black Dahlia! This look for me encapsulates a certain element of vintage pinup and horror which stays close to my little batty heart. To be sexy and absolutely terrifying is the ultimate sensory stimulation. Plus, I really wanted to show off this sexy dress by ^v^DRBC^v^, so check it out :D
MAKEUP: Beauty Killer Forced Smile (Flesh Game Gift 2011)
TATTOO: Imperio Designs The Grave Digger
DRESS: ^V^DRBC^V^ Black and Red Wiggle Dress
SKIN: Mystic Canvass Polly Skin D-Cup (FREE group gift, in store!!!)
EARS: Mandala Jewelry Stretched ears OMNI
HAIR FLOWER: Artilleri Hibi Hair Flower (White)
HAIR: Chemistry Vines (Raven)
BRACELETS: Mandala Jewelry OKAKI Bracelet (black)

 Dryland by Anita Witt

As always, thank you for checking out my blog! And don't you forget to hit up Mystic Canvass for her retirement sale! They're turning 3 and she's making room for some really exciting things! You can get amazing quality skins with the most beautiful makeups in all of Second Life! Don't miss it!!!!!!

Mystic Canvass 99L Skin Retirement Sale!

Here's a few shots of one of my favorite skins in this sale:
 Lori D-Cup (Moss)
 Lori D-Cup (Ice)
 Lori D-Cup (Destiny)

 Lori D-Cup (Smoke)
Lori D-Cup (Winter)
 And that's just ONE skin, you get all of those great make up selections and your choice of D-Cup or A-Cup depending how much you've got up top!!

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