Monday, March 4, 2013

Dystopian Couture: Expressed Colours, Repressed Emotions.

Hell-ooo, my little space cadets! This time I'm going to be featuring the ultra sexy Kambila skin (which will also be featured in my TWISTED HUNT! Blog coming up asap!) by Mystic Canvass. I used the blue skin to provide that perfect contrast to the ultra acid bright pink hair used in this bloggy. This entry is also EXTREMELY image heavy! We captured so many great photos, it just had to be shared with all of you! I stopped out at the Whore Couture Fair 2 on the day it opened and bought the highly anticipated, GLUTTONY boots from Etchaflesh! These boots are absolutely wondrous. Super high quality structure, and they're fully customizable. The texture, shine, and tint are able to be modified through the easy to use hud. There are 12 options for fishnet (which I am using the biohazard symbol ones of course), and you can easily match your skin with RGB or the awesome sampling provided in the HUD. Way to go, Shaodie Parx!! These easily are my favorite clothing piece from Whore Couture Fair 2 and a versatile option in my inventory able to be paired with just about any style. Here's pics!

♀ Skin- [MC] Kambilia Skin - Blue - Hot Pink D-cup (TWISTED HUNT 2013 ITEM!)

♀ Lashes- Maxi Gossamer - Eyelashes Wild Full Thick
♀ Hair- Truth Lavina

♀ Tattoo- [sYs] Cyber Tattoo (grey)
♀ Gloves- Ash's Trash / Prison Bikini Gloves

♀ Forearms - : Amorous : Albedo 0 Point 39

♀ Headphones- LPP MoonDiver headset

♀ Eyes - PP Daydream Eyes II - Serendipity

♀ Facial piercing- .Pekka. Juicious Unisex Piercing (Silver) (Jack or Jill Hunt Item 2013)

♀ Outfit- *Epic boobies* Mech-Tech Suit {Coal}

♀ Shoes- Etchaflesh Gluttony Boots (Zoey)

Thank you for checking my blog out! I hope you enjoyed this playful sci-fi outfit. Any comments or questions are absolutely welcomed! Also, don't hesitate to hit me up in world for any reason at (Atrophy Resident) or Vita Von Monster. Keep your lasers charged, fem bots. PEW PEW!