Saturday, March 9, 2013

Night Reconnaissance

I know, I've been blogging like crazy this week! Let me just say there's been so many awesome releases out of individuals like ^v^DRBC^v^, and amazing events going on like Whore Couture, Stuff in Style, Twisted Hunt, and the Tango Train hunt that I have just been collecting and shopping like crazy! Last night, my good friend Dex Chaffe (His blogs are also listed in my links on the right side) showed us this amazing little sim and inspiration bled out like a stuck pig! For the moment I'm just crediting my personal outfit, any additional credits may come later if my co-shoot buddies give them to me. My other models used were Hyperion Benoir and Dex Chaffe (as mentioned above.)
 First of all I'd like to focus on this corset. ^v^DRBC^v^ by my ultra radical friend DiZzy Kit has got to be one of the most unique, well fitting, gorgeously textured corsets I've seen in SL Fashion. The detail on the buckles, the structure of the template, and the sexy texturing are worth every last linden for this elegant, versatile piece. Everything that comes out of her store is simply crafted with love and care, not just a texture slapped on it. You can see the thought and absolute attention to detail in everything I've ever purchased from ^v^DRBC^ She also has other amazing textures for this piece, this was just the first and favorite. When it went from her sneak peek on flickr to live, I snapped it right up! Wouldn't you?

♬ CORSET: ^v^DRBC^v^ Polka Dot Eros Underbust Corset

♬ SKIN: [MC] Evian 3 Skin D-Cup Gothic
(I can NOT stop wearing this skin by Mystic Canvass! It's perfect pale skin, with awesome definition, gorgeous pin up red foxy lipstick, and just the right amount of eyeshadow....I adore the cheekbones and nose shadowing. It has to be one of my go-to skins for everyday and photoshoots!)

 ♬ HAIR: Exile Collide:Raven

♬ HEADSET: LPP Moondiver headset

♬ SHOES: Etchaflesh Gluttony Shoe Zoey (At the whore couture fair 2!) (Or on marketplace)

 ♬ EYES: Dead Apples Sinistere Eyes Murdered Blue

♬ PIERCINGS: .Pekka. Juicious Unisex Piercing Silver
♪ (Jack or Jill Hunt Item 2013)

 ♬ SUSPENDERS: Meli Imako
 ♬ ARMWARMERS: [M] Armwarmers The Cross

♬ MAKEUP: +REDRUM+ Black eyeliner-heavy

♬ MAKEUP [:T:] Parted lips 1 (free)

 ♬ MAKEUP "tsg" Bad Bitch Eyebrow layers

♬ COLLAR: ...:::Scrub:::...Feathered Constriction (feather option, turned off)

♬ PIERCINGS: Cobrahive N-Swirl

 ♬ NAILS: +ROZOREGALIA+*Gemma* Ring&Nail/2*(F):Ring&Nail1

♬ STOCKINGS: WWI Army Girl Garters Charcoal v2

 ♬ PIERCINGS:{Sugar Heart} Mesh Dimple Piercings Black Steel

 ♬ LASHES: Miamai Catwalk Lashes Glitter 01

 ♬ SHIRT: *deviant girl* Obscure net top

♬ PIERCINGS: [DH] Cross Chain Piercing

♬ SHORTS: Cult of Belgar Bustier & Hotpants

Overall it was a fun, awesome, and inspiring night with my friends. I hope you all had as much fun checking out the pictures as we did shooting our little hearts out in this AMAZING location. Come back and check out my next entry where I'll be rocking the 99L Mystic Canvass skin sale, and Mystic Canvass' amazing 65L skin Tracker 2 you can get your hands on at the Stuff in Stock event going on now! Here's a teaser, fembots!
Tracker 2 Skin in Bio-Warfare only 65 L at the Stuff in Stock event!

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