Sunday, April 20, 2014

Can't Break A Dead Girl's Heart

 I'm ba-aaaaack! So, here I'm out to bust the dust off this blog and get back to doing what it is I do all day in the merry land of SL, which is change my damn clothes! Featured alongside me this time is Soapy!!!! (For those of you fellas who feel bloggin' is just for dames, he's here to rock your masculine socks off with his stylin' profilin'. . .uhh pixels!) After many many many months, the lovely Gia Nikai bit me with the blog bug once again! (Feel free to go check out her awesome sauce blogdom over in the links area on the right. She's stupendous!) And what better way to wake the dead than with some sexy stylings from DRBC, FK! Designs, and Death Row Designs. . .seriously, these companies are my bread and butter, and  . . .I like, bread and butter? >.> This tied up top DRBC has at the Suicide Dollz event is so sexy, and it comes in 6 prints to tantalize your tongue bits to shreds, ladies! Anywho, here's the goodies, skittle-diddles:

On Vita (Female):
Eyes - Dead Apples - Nebula Firey
Skin - Clef De Peau - Jemma Bare Pearl
Hands - Slink - Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant1, Gesture
Hands - Slink - Avatar Enhancement Feet - High
Ears - Mandala - Omimi Stretched Ears
Lashes - Action - Mesh Dolly Lashes - Black
Liner - Al Vulo! Mesh eyeliner Starshine - Black
Brows - *Milk* Prissy Brows - Black
Lipstick - [Hush] - Lipcolor - Lush Red - Matte
Tattoo - .:DP:. Suicide Bitch - Light
Eyeshadow - Speakeasy :: Rabbid Eyeshadow Runny - black
Teeth -  [Contraption] The Carnivorous Jaw - Bloody
Hair - [RunAway] - LocknRoll Hair - Black

Piercing - SU! Suicidal Unborn - Bonny Piercing - Ink
Glasses - Blow-Up - Lolita Eyeglasses
Ring - EMPORIUM - Ring #2 Crown SILVER
Knee Guards - Nana's - FK Protector - Red/Black
Necklace - KOSH - The Toothfairy Necklace
Necklace - KOSH Inverted Necklace (Cross)
Gloves - [R3] - Jaimy Gloves - [V1]

Shoes - DRD Death Row Designs - Whore heels - Red
Shorts - FK! - Uber Shorts - Burlesque
Shirt - DRBC - Tied Up Top - Psychobilly @ Suicide Dollz (available in 6 prints)

On Soapy (Male):

Skin - Clef de Peau - Ryan T3
Brow - The Skin Shop - (09) Suave Black
Eyes - Dead Apples - Sinistre Lifeless Bleached
Hands - Slink - Male Hands Relaxed
Ears - Mandala  - Stretched Ears
Facial Hair - Hermony - Mutton Chops
Hair -  Action - Joe Veganic (crow)
Mouth - Contraption - The Carnivorous Jaw
Tattoo - IRON CLAW - Raiden

Glasses - SUPER KINGDOM - Mesh Sunglasses
Necklace - KOSH - The Key Necklace
Watch - Mandala  - Sitennoah Watch & Bracelet (Black)

Top - Ison Man - Leather Biker Vest
Pants - Ronsem - Skinny Jeans
Shoes - Flite. - Cinics (sold out)

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