Monday, June 17, 2013

^v^ Creature Features ^v^

So here's a little baby post, showcasing some of ^v^DRBC^v^'s "Creature Feature" prints! I have absolutely adored this pattern, Miss Dizzy Kit (DRBC's mastermind!) has used in several of her beautiful, terrifyingly gorgeous creations! I swear she could slap it on a trash bag and I'd wrap that tarp around me and go. Ha ha! So this is sort of my homage to her monstrously wondrous mash up of spooky delights. Please enjoy!
Marketplace: ^v^DRBC^v^
In-World: ^v^DRBC^v^

Here I have featured (From left to right):
1. Creature Feature Boo-lesque Corset with Tango Appliers (Can also be worn without!)
2. Monster Eros Underbust Corset
3. Creature Feature Colette & Panties
4. Creature Feature Ruffle Skirt
More to come, my creatures of the night! ^v^

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