Saturday, April 13, 2013


Mystic Canvass has 2 new epic skins for the Kawaii Fair running from April 12th - 26th. Jolyn and Jolyn 2 feature the customary luscious A & D Cup options, and also the muscular and non muscular versions, 4 makeup options, Lolas Tango appliers, and a shape! Pretty good deal, huh? Lara also has put up 5 supah cutesy mesh corsets for this event! So hop on your panda, and pon pon pon down to the Supah Kawaii fair so you don't miss these exclusive items!!!!
After picking up this outfit from ^v^DRBC^v^, I
was feeling rather militant, but we all know a well respected fraulein femme fatale isn't afraid to play with her makeup options. Enjoy, lovelies!!!

All skins in this blog are from Jolyn, I have also used the muscle versions of the skin, and one representation from each of the makeup options!

Hat -  Tonktastic 101st Peaked Cap
Piercing - :Hebenon Vial: Beast (ink)
Piercing: {Sugar Heart} Mesh Dimple Piercings (Black Steel)
Tattoo -  Corvus Cross
Tattoo - Flight Risk Guns & Skull (Gift from WKHD Hunt)
Hair - Exile Turn the Page (midnight)
Top & Shorts (outfit) - ^v^DRBC^v^ Fetish Bettie (Black)
Stockings - Cult of Belgar Fallen Stockings (ripped)
Gloves - BioMechanoid F01 Gloves
Wound - Corvus Cheek Scars
Shoulder pads - ChicZafari Couture Lion Shoulders (black)
Eyebrow Piercings - Pekka Juicious Unisex Piercing (JOJ Gift)
Eyes - Dead Apples Sinistre (Lifeless)
Lashes - Miamai Catwalk Lashes (Glitter 01)
Boots -  Slink Tall Leather Thigh Boots (Black)
Mask - SiniStyle Colubridae Collar
Back Piercing - Puncture   Dermal Spike Implants
Teeth - *mousey* Prim Teeth (Vampire)

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