Saturday, January 26, 2013

The T-H-X account is six percent over budget. The case is to be terminated.

The Sci-fi  Pin-up

For my inaugural blog I definitely wanted to showcase some new amazing work coming from FK! Designs. I saw the template for this neck corset and said to myself, "somebody out there is going to do something amazing with this!" Leave it to FK! Designs to texture this sexy piece of vinyl to perfection. From every angle this statement piece is absolute cyber sex on a pixel! So I literally built this look around it. 
Bionic Parts: : Amorous : Albedo 0 Point 39
Latex Base – Sidewinder by Graves latex base
Tattoo – [sYs] Cyber Tattoo – Digital (grey)

I paired this look with the sexy, high quality, beautifully painted skin from Mystic Canvass. Mystic Canvass takes fantasy, cyber, color and makes it completely wearable in everyday. A lot of avatars shy away from fun things like blue or green lips, and electric eyes. I promise you, if you go to Mystic Canvass, join their group, and sample some of their skins Lara so generously posts in her store as group gifts, you will be completely and utterly in love with the contouring, shadowing, skin shading. I also hear she does Lolas appliers for her skins, for you ladies that like a little extra up top! She also makes killer makeup, clothing, hair, etc. Which I've also used a hair from Mystic Canvass in this look!

Skin – Mystic Canvass Evian in D-Cup Cyborg Makeup
Eyes- Dead Apples Nebula Fantasy in Nature (available only in world at this time)
Corset- [Moyet] **Extreme** {Style4} MESH
 Hair – Mystic Canvass Penny hair in Jet Black
Dimples – by {Sugar Heart} Mesh Dimple Piercings Black steel
Septum – Cobrahive – N-swirl
Lashes- Miamai Catwalk Lashes Glitter 01
 This sexy mesh boots from Neurolab are an old cyber favorite around SL. The bottom pulses with light and makes you the focal point of any room you strut your little vinyl laden self into!
Boots- [Neurolab Inc.] Activa II Electro Black -MESH

Nails- +ROZOREGALIA+*Gemma*Ring&Nail(F)

As you can tell from any way you see this neck corset, the texture on the lacing blends perfectly with my Graves latex base from the Sidewinder outfit. And the lighter grey texture gives it that special contrast to make it really pop. These headphones I picked up from [sYs] and come with a color change hud so you can wear them with just about anything! Whether you're a dj, music enthusiast, or just want a futuristic headband, these headphones deliver. Their attention to detail is unmatched.

Headphones – [sYs] DJTALL Headphone (f) – Opera Black/silver

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments please don't hesitate to contact me in world! I'd love to hear what you'd like me to blog about next or if there's a hunt you want me to cover, anything!
You can drop me a notecard under Vita Von Monster or (Atrophy Resident)
Thanks for reading!!!

Case Terminated.

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